Special Package Doka Framax

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Doka Staxo 100

We can offer an Stock of used Doka Staxo 100 Material. When you are intersted please contact us

Doka Framax Xlife Panals

We would like to set this offer by selling it by Ton -194 Ton You can contact us Whatsapp 0096775555315  

Doka Frami Package

Type                                             ppp€                                          Total 37no 900x2.7                                € 702.00                                     € 25,974....

Doka Removable Folding Tripod

274 PC Doka removable folding tripod top in good condition. The material will be delivered in Doka skeleton transport boxes - 35 pieces fit in one box (the stacking pallets are not included in the...

Dokamatic tables formwork

SALE!!! £44000   Over 2000 sqm of Dokamatic tables for sale in good condition!!! They came with trolley and fork. I need to sell them quick because I need space!!!    

Doka Climbing Carriage SKE50

                    CLIMBING CARRIAGE SKE50   32    €        201.00    €       6,432.00   SUPPORTING CARRIAGE SKE50   38    €       ...

Doka Framax

Parcel Doka Framax 2.70 x 2.70 and 1.35 x 2.70 m, in very good condition. Only requests with full company-details get answwr.

Elvermann GmbH | Doka Eurex

31 pcs 20/300 129 pcs 20/350   24 pcs pallet

Used Formwork Export Import for sale Peri DOKA Framax in France

Used formwork   For sale used DOKA FRamax located in France with all accessories