Doka Prop 400-450 & Accessiers

available Used Doka Tripods 1750 * 16.50 Euro = 28,875 Euro Cif any port . # Items QTY 1 Removable Folding Tripod 1724 2 Doka Skeleton Transport box 1.7 * 0.80m 50 3 Doka Floor Prop Eurex 20 400 8 4...

Doka Table Head 30

550 Pcs of Doka Tablehead 30 (double primary). Perfect working condition. Sold as one package, 52 Euro each

Huge Discount by 55% for urgent sell on Doka Framax Xlife panels 9000 SQ/M and Beam H2O for sale

Original used Doka Frami Xlife panels & Beam H2O different size. The package also includes all accessories such as multi-purpose waling ws10 top50 1.5m, framax adjustable clamp,  Beam H2O is more...

Elvermann GmbH | Doka Props 20/400

Elvermann GmbH | Doka Supporting Construct Frame Universal

DOKA 30-450 shores located in Europe-Inspected and Approved by DOKA

DOKA 30-450 shores located in Europe, which have been inspected and approved by DOKA. 1,296 props availabe: $149.50/ea per post Cost of the racks: $165.25 / each   These prices include port to port...

Used Doka 4-way Head H20

Available Doka Heads 4-Way Head H20 1073 Pcs 6.30 Euros Lowering Head H20 1151 Pcs 7.80 Euros Supporting Head H20 Df 2128 Pcs 3.7 Euros  

Used Doka Tripods , 1750 Pcs Very Good Condition

  Available Used Doka Tripods 1750 * 16.50 Euro =  28,875 Euro Cif any port . Available Used Doka Tripod Box  50 Pcs * 61 Euro =  3111  Euro Cif any port .    

Doka Alu Framax Xlife wall formwork

Doka Alu Framax wall formwork in used condition. All frames have a height of 2.70m or 0.90m and can be used perfectly as handset system. The material is professionnally cleaned and ready to use (3-...

Doka supporting head H20 DF

Doka supporting head H20 DF for securing props to prevent falling down. The material is in very good condition (3-star quality). The price does not include the necessary Doka multi trip transport box...