RMD Aluma and Alshor plus plant

RMD Aluma and Alshor plus plant

Aluminium Beams

Product Overview

Aluminium Beams combine the benefits of strength, lightness and the ease of handling with consistency, versatility and exceptional durability. With an exceptional range of accessories, the beams form a complete system that can be used for virtually unlimited configurations and applications. RMD Kwikform has a portfolio of two Aluminium Beams: Albeam - 225mm deep heavy duty primary beam for slab support, with a very high bending and concentrated load capacity. Alform - 150mm deep beam designed for wall formwork and secondary bearer for soffit support applications.


  • Aluminium Beams are always straight, simplifying and speeding up assembly.
  • They have a consistent cross-section, eliminating time and cost implications of selecting and hand-finishing timber.


  • They offer greatly increased bending and sheer resistance than timber, which means they are safer. They also allow more weight to be supported over greater spans with less equipment, saving time and costs.


  • Aluminium Beams are lighter and easier to handle than timber, their unique profiles reduce damage. Alform Beams bevelled edges enable plywood sheeting to be stripped quickly and easily.
  • Aluminium Beams can be re-used a number of times. When they finally reach the end of their useful life, their value is still around 25% of their original cost.

Alshor Plus – Aluminium Shoring

Product Overview

High strength lightweight aluminium shoring system with built in safety and productivity features that maximise efficiency.


  • Lightweight aluminium system with minimal loose parts - reduces labour requirements
  • Unique load release mechanism - significantly decreases strike and dismantling time
  • Simple single action connects all 4 frame blades - quickest frames to erect
  • Unique single action spigot leg connection- faster, easier installation


  • Designed with increased safety - integrated ladder access, integrated platforms, board bearers, handrails and advancing handrails.

Products Available 

Item Description and Quantity 

Aluma Beam 2.13m (Secondary) X 1,000 

Aluma Beam 3.66m (Secondary) X 4,000

Aluma Beam 5.49m (Secondary) X 2,500

Aluma Beam 6.40m (Secondary) X 1,000


RMD Alshor Plus Frame 1200mm X 2,000

RMD Alshor Plus Frame 1800mm X 3,500

RMD Alshor Plus Frame 2400mm X 3,200

RMD Alshor Plus Frame 3000mm X 1,500


RMD Alshor Plus Leg 1500mm X 1,400

RMD Alshor Plus Leg 2000mm X 2,700

RMD Alshor Plus Leg 3000mm X 2,300

RMD Alshor Plus Leg 4000mm X 1,200


RMD Alshor Plus U Head 220W x 10mm  (STD) X 3,000


RMD Alshor Plus Jack (Long) X 4,000

RMD Alshor Plus Jack (Short) X 1,000























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