Buy and Sell All in USA - Let me buy and sell for you Doka, Peri, Hunnebeck, Symons, Aluma, Ulma and More

Buy and Sell All in USA - Let me buy and sell for you Doka, Peri, Hunnebeck, Symons, Aluma, Ulma and More


Aaron Langkamp of LCC(Langkamp Concrete Construction) Xchange. I buy and sell all concrete construction equipment - Forming, Shoring, Tilt-up, Scaffolding and more. Please take a look below at the equipment I have for sale and am looking to buy. This list is by no means comprehensive. Ask for pricing, quantities and pics. Please send me any lists and conditions of forms etc. you are trying to sell. Also, send me anything you are trying to find for the best price available. I have made many great partnerships around the world and domestically and most likely can save you money buying or selling. 

It looks like a great couple years ahead. Focus on your core business. Let me help buy and sell for you in the most cost effective manner.

Looking to buy(Used or Refurbished):

Hunnebeck Rasto
Symons Steel-Ply - all sizes and conditions
-all Symons products
Peri MP 350 post shores
Heavy Duty 350 and 550 Post Shores
All Aluminum Joist(6-1/2”) and Stringer – 7-1/2” & 7-1/4” (Harsco, Aluma, Symons, Safway etc.)
Meva Imperial hardware
Meva Imperial Steel Rails
Meva KLK Brackets
Shear Wall Brackets (50 pcs)
Plumbing Screws (40 pcs)
Waco Shoring Frames
8" x 12'-0" double channels (Burke Gang type)
Peri GT-24 Girders
Very cheap but functional post shores - 1000 pcs, 9'-12' height
Cinder block making machine
Form Cleaning Machine
BEP Aluminum gang forms - 2,000 sqft of forms
9' aluminum handset forms
Spanall 6-10', 8-14', 10-17'
Symons Sym-Ply System
Ringlock System
Titan HV Shoring

For Sale(Used or Refurbished): 

Ulma Post shores - PS6-11, PS8-13, PS11-16, will sell for cheap
6-1/2" Aluminum Joist - 100,000+lf, rock bottom pricing
7-1/2" Stringer - 30,000+ lf, rock bottom pricing
7-1/4" Symons Style Stringer, best price I've ever seen
H20 beam, used, great prices from the highest quality manufacturer
Noe Deck(Similar to Deckfast, Topec) - 30,000sqft
NOE Top 2000
Fully Refurbished or used Hunnebeck Rasto - Great prices in bulk
Topec - (Exact same as Deckfast,) - Great prices - used or refurbished
Tabla Shoring system - great used price and enough for a very nice fleet
Peri Trio large lot
Ulma MEGAFORM, needs refurbishing - dirt cheap price
Safway 'lot' of scaffolding - ledgers, frames, steel decking, braces, clamps - ask for complete list
Moduform(Symons Steel-ply but 5/8" plywood) - 3', 5', 6' - very good plywood
1/2" Plywood
Flex Form
Max-A-Form – multiple lots
Meva Mamuth
Meva M350
Meva Multipurpose Panels
Doka Framax
Peri 30-350 post shores - 3,000+ pcs
Peri 20-500 post shores - 1,000 pcs
Large Doka Frami package - barely used
ACF Column Forms
Alsina circular formwork
Complete Pilosio Circaflex Radius System
Doka Frami - refurbished or new
Doka Framax - refurbished or new - various
Doka Framax package 
Quick Form
Soldier Beam
Efco Super Stud
Symons Steel-Ply - used, refurbished - all sizes - 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10'
-all Symons products
Scaffold Brackets - 2000+ pcs
Column lifting corners - 3', 4', 5', 6', 8'
Column hinges
Column/scissors clamps
Double channel walers - 6"
Various post shores
Pipe rods

Pal Support Scaffolding/Decking System
Gang waler rods - 6"/8" - 1000s
Gang ties, rod clamps, gang bolts, snap tie wedges
Sheer wall brackets, heavy duty as well
Beat rod walers
Wedge bolts(pins)
1-pc walers
Transition forms
Taper tie connectors
C49 bridge overhang brackets
2-1/2" x 6" plate washers
Outside/inside hinge corners
Parapet/barrier forms
Culvert forms
Z-tie holders - z-waler ties
Ellis clamps
Ellis post shores
Symons parapet/barrier forms - 4' wide, 42" tall
Aluminum spanalls
Steel Spanall 
5-1/2" Aluminum Joist - unlimited amount - great prices - all sizes - great for scaffolding
3 pcs fiberglass 38" x 14' column forms - used once

New for Sale at good prices:

Formwork Accessories Cleaning Machine – From rusty to looking new!
European H20 beam - great price
Waco Shoring frames – all sizes
Russian Birch plywood - good prices in bulk
30-350 post shores 
20-400 post shores
C550 post shores
Symons Shoring Frames
Symons Steel-Ply - 3', 4', 5', 6', 8', 9', 10'
All ties and all sizes
Generic Doka Frami(eco), Framax, Aluminum Framax - Significant Cost savings
Generic Peri Trio, Aluminum Trio - Significant Cost Savings
Generic Peri Multi Props/ Peri Pep - like 30/350 - Significant Cost Savings
Wedge Bolts, scaffold brackets - all accessories at request
Symons 1-pc walers - bulk wholesale pricing
New, Doka branded bare bones post shores 15-300/350, 20kn, 30kn, all sizes, prices can't be beat
Symons #1(10k 5'7"-9'6") post shores
Rasto lever clamps - selling at or below cost


New / Used: 

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