Buy and Sell - all Symons equipment, shoring - aluminum beam, joist, stringer - post shores, props - tilt-up, scaffolding

Buy and Sell - all Symons equipment, shoring - aluminum beam, joist, stringer - post shores, props - tilt-up, scaffolding


Tell me what concrete construction equipment you're looking for or what you want to sell and I can help.

I am now brokering, buying and selling forming, shoring, tilt-up, scaffolding etc. -mainly used equipment. I have many buyers, sellers and equipment all over.

Looking to buy:

Hunnebeck Rasto
Symons Steel-Ply - all sizes and conditions
-all Symons products
Peri MP 350 post shores
All Aluminum Joist and Stringer (Harsco, Aluma, Symons, Safway etc.)
Meva Imperial hardware
Meva Imperial Steel Rails
Meva KLK Brackets
8" x 12'-0" double channels (Burke Gang type)
Peri GT-24 Girders
Very cheap but functional post shores - 1000 pcs, 9'-12' height
Cinder block making machine
Form Cleaning Machine
BEP Aluminum gang forms - 2,000 sqft of forms
9' aluminum handset forms

For Sale:

Moduform(Symons Steel-ply but 5/8" plywood) - 3', 5', 6' - very good plywood
1/2" Plywood
Flex Form
ACF Column Forms
Alsina circular formwork
Quick Form
Soldier Beam
Efco Super Stud
Symons Steel-Ply - used, refurbished - all sizes - 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10'
-all Symons products
Scaffold Brackets - 2000+ pcs
Column lifting corners - 3', 4', 5', 6', 8'
Column hinges
Column/scissors clamps
Double channel walers - 6"
Various post shores
Pipe rods
Gang waler rods - 6"/8" - 1000s
Gang ties, rod clamps, gang bolts, snap tie wedges
Sheer wall brackets, heavy duty as well
Beat rod walers
Wedge bolts(pins)
1-pc walers
Transition forms
Taper tie connectors
C49 bridge overhang brackets
2-1/2" x 6" plate washers
Outside/inside hinge corners
Parapet/barrier forms
Culvert forms
Z-tie holders - z-waler ties
Ellis clamps
Ellis post shores
Symons parapet/barrier forms - 4' wide, 42" tall
Aluminum spanalls
Steel Spanall
5-1/2" Aluminum Joist - unlimited amount - great prices - all sizes - great for scaffolding
6-1/2" Aluminum Joist
3 pcs fiberglass 38" x 14' column forms - used once
Peri 30-350 post shores - 3,000+ pcs
Peri 20-500 post shores - 1,000 pcs
Large Doka Frami package - barely used
Doka Framax package
Peri Trio large lot

Also have new at good prices:
Symons Steel-Ply - 3', 4', 5', 6', 8', 9', 10'
All ties and all sizes
Wedge Bolts, scaffold brackets - all accessories at request
Symons 1-pc walers - bulk wholesale pricing
Symons #1(10k 5'7"-9'6") post shores
Rasto lever clamps - selling at or below cost
European H20 beam
30-350 post shores
20-400 post shores
C550 post shores



New / Used: 

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