Peri Sky Deck 3,000 m2

Used Peri Skydeck, 3,000 m2. All components in excellent condition and some panel have new plywood. Located just outside London. Props not included in package. Baragain at 442,000 Euro


400 000 tonnes scaffolding, 2000 square meter panel formwork, 10 000 pieces of telescopic posts and timber. Location Istanbul. Telephone / Whatsapp : +90 542 459 27 55

Galvanized Steel Plank for Scaffold& Normal Stiffener Steel Walking Board

Steel plank is designed to span the bay by hooking to the horizontal members of the bay providing a safe work platform. METEC offers different types of planks, your designs and drawings are welcome....

Doka Framax Wall Formwork

We currently have available a Doka Framax Wall Formwork Package available. Will sell as a whole or can be split  All of the panels will be inspected and re-boarded/welded and cleaned if not up to...

Peri Floor Props Multiprop 480

Peri Multiprop MP 480 in very good used condition (3-star quality). The integrated measuring tape on the inner tube shows the complete length of the prop. Partial quantities available on request....

RMD Soldiers

Used RMD soldiers - very good condition only used a couple of times 176 x 3.6 soldiers 4 x 2.7 soldiers  80 x 1.8 soldiers 44 x 0.9 soldiers 1 x 0.36 soldiers 18 x 0.54 soldiers   

DOKA Alu Framax with new plastic coated plywood

Doka ALU Framax, New plywood (plastic coated), 500 sqm, very good condition Alu-Framax panel 0.90x2.70m  60  Alu-Framax panel 0.75x2.70m 100 Alu-Framax panel 0.60x2.70m 40 Alu-...

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