DMP Universal Corner Waling

Steel corner waling used for bracing right-angled inside formwork corners. Total length of the corner waling is 23.62 in (60 cm)

DMP Universal Waling

Steel DMP universal waling can be used for multiple purposes including bracing gangforms, infills and corners and forming stop-ends.

TPS Wall Formwork

TPS wall formwork offer closed steel profile, hollow on the inside and an 0.71 in (18mm) layered sheet composed of Birch veneer. 

TPS Stripping Corners

New and used stripping corners now available.  TPS stripping corners are used specifically for shaft shuttering. The 3cm tolerance per side enables precise setting-up and easy solutions. This corners...

Gael Form H20 Timber Beam

Gael Form H20 timber beams are varnished yellow, and come in sizes from 104.33in (2.65m) to 232.28in (5.90m). 


DIN EN 1065 SHORING PROPS Villalta heavy duty props, classes A – B – C- D- E are certified according to DIN EN 1065 norm, and they are designated to bear heavy loads. Manufactured in 5 classes, with...

Plywood for Peri Skydeck 150 x 75cm ready for put in Panels

I offer here 2360 PCS new Plywood (Manufacturer METSA WOOD) in 9mm Phenol ready /cutted for Peri Skydeck 150 x 75cm Panel.   100 PCS PER PCKAGE READY FOR LOADING FROM GERMANY.     

Props WM LT - hot-dip galvanized. 3.1 m - 10.0 euro / piece

Props WM LT - hot-dip galvanized 3.1 m - 10.0 euro / piece. We offer new Props 1.9 - 3.1 m, hot - painted,weight 9.1 kg. Other props 2.1 - 3.7 m - 11 € / pc Warehouse Varna. Bulgaria

Doka Framax 2,40x3,30m new plywood

Verkaufe Doka Framax 2,40x3,30m Neu belegt mit Holz-Kunststoffplatte 588606500 Doka Framax 2,40x3,30m Neu belegt Stück 78 weitere Doka Framax 3,30m / 2,70m / 1,35m und Doka Zubehör auf Anfrage Bei...

Doka Framax 1,35x2,70m with new Plywood

Verkaufe Doka Framax Neu belegt mit Kunststoffplatte Doka Framax Element 1,35x2,70 Stück 60 weitere Elemente und Zubehör auf Anfrage Bei Fragen können sie mich gerne Kontaktieren