Used Formwork

Ringer extra-light aluminium formwork AL2000 used

We sell used extra-light aluminium formwork RInger System AL2000 (appr. 720 m²). Price appr. 69 €/m². Please inquire under ref. offer number A1802329 

Doka Alu Framax used

We sell used panels Doka Alu Framax different sizes from 90 EUR/m². Total quantity appr. 2.000 m²

Circular Formwork System - Svelt Circaflex - For Sale

We are a formwork and shoring company working out of Ohio and Florida. We are selling a heavy duty flexible circular formwork system called Svelt Circa Flex, manufactured by Pilosio in Italy. The...

Doka Tripods

1.995 piece Doka Tripod The Tripod are in a very good condition and ready for work. EUR 22,90 per piece. 1 Doka Box 1,70x0,80m + 35 pieces Doka Tripod € 966,50 The Location is our Stock in Neumarkt.


We are offering for sale full Aluma Table System with an Approx. cover area of 3000 m2.  The frame is available in two different heights 5’ (1.5 m) and 7’ (2.1 m), with a standard width for both of 6...

Doka Eurex 20-350 top Props for sale

We sell arround 2500 x Doka Eurex 20-350 top Props in good Contions.    

Tealio MRK Peri usato

Telaio MRK Peri MRK 62,5 Qtà. 2 MRK 90 Qty. 38 MRK 150 Qtà. 110 MRK 201,5 Q.tà 95

Gridflex Peri

Gratticcio Stan. GFP 200x100 Qtà. 243 Gratticcio GFC 200x100 Qtà. 34 Gratticcio lungo. GFL 150x100 Qtà. 59 Gratticcio lungo. GLF 183x20 Qtà. 39 Testa appoggio GFH zinco. Quantità. 534 Dispositivo...

Alpideck Slab System

ALPLIDECK Slab system 680 mq  Pannello 150x100                   Qty.  380 Pannello 150x75                     Qty.  38 Pannello 150x50                     Qty.  34 Pannello 150x25...