Used Formwork

Hägele/Febe Formwork

For sale about 1400 m² used Hägele/Febe Formwork inclusive accessories at a great price. For more info send us an Email with company details. Zu verkaufen zirka 1400 m² gebraucht Hägele/Febe Schalung...

Used Formwork Parts

We have a range of new and used formwork parts available.  For more information on the parts currently available, or to arrange a visit, please send an enquiry.

Peri TSE Shaft Elements

The used Peri TSE shaft elements enables the fast handling and moving of complete internal shaft formwork on-site.

Peri SRS Circular Wall Formwork

The refurbished circular wall formwork is a pre-assembeled standard panel for curved walls. Panels can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the required radius.

DMP Outside Corners

The SMP outside corners is an easy way of forming corners. The system can hold concrete pressure of 381.95lb/ft³ (60 kN/m³) or wall thickness of over 15.75 in (40 cm).

Floor Props 30/350

New and used Gael Form floor props available. The props are galvanised and can be extended from 77.56 to 137.80 in (197 to 350 cm).

DMP Aluminium Panels

The refurbished DMP aluminium panels are ideal for large-area forming. The formwork has a high load-bearing capacity and provides solutions for corners, stop-end column formwork and wall junctions....

Framax Wall Formwork

We have a range of cleaned, repaired and refurbished Doka Framax in stock. Framax uses few difference panel formats to achieve a consistent 15 cm increment-grid 0.39in (15 cm) increment-grid in an...

Refurbished Skydeck Panel

Skydeck panel are cost-effective slab formwork made of high-strength aluminium. All used panels are professionally cleaned, repaired and refurbished.

Gael Form Floor Prop 20/550

New and used Gael Form floor props available.  The props are galvanized and can be extended from 116.14 to 216.54 in (295 to 550 cm).