Used Formwork

Used Staymax System (compatible to Peri Trio) available.

Mix of new and used formwork. Robud Staymax system is 100% compatible to Peri Trio system. GALVANAIZED. Request a list of panels and prices.


the construction company sells its formwork of peri. please contact us for prices.     


RMD MINI-SLIM SOLDIERS PAYMENT: TBA CONTRACT: SALE   SIZE     -    QTY    -    PPE £      -       TOTAL    1.2        -    154     -     £ 40.00    -     £ 6,160.00 1.8        -    115      -    £ 50...


Name: FRAMI Payment: TBA Contract: SALE   TYPE             QTY             PPE€               TOTAL      900x2.7        -   37           -  €702.00         €25,974.00 750x2.7        -   73...

RMD Soldiers 5500 LM -$155,000

RMD Soldiers, Ex fleet,Approximately 5,500 LM available in excellent condition. Located UAE. Viewing by appointment. If required we can shot blast and paint.

Peri Domino 260 sqm

Peri Domino, 260 sqm, panel heights 250 / 125 / 75 good condition, new or good plywood, plus accessories. MERCROSS TRADE HAMBURG GmbH & Co. KG Hamburg/Germany  

Doka Framax 330

We offer an big stock of used Doka Framax 330  incl. Accessories in good quality. When you are interested please contact us.

Doka RS Bridge Formwork

We sell follow Doka RS Bridge Formwork When you are intersted please contact us.    

2nd hand MEVA StarTec with Alkus sheet 100 sqm

We are offering 2nd Hand MEVA StarTec Formwork 100 sqm. All panels are equipped with the All-plastic Alkus facing and are fully operational. 12 ST-Panel w. AL-sheet   270/ 240 6 ST-Panel w. AL-sheet...