Used Formwork

Doka Framax

Parcel Doka Framax 2.70 x 2.70 and 1.35 x 2.70 m, in very good condition. Only requests with full company-details get answwr.

Elvermann GmbH | Doka Eurex

31 pcs 20/300 129 pcs 20/350 502 pcs 20/400 24 pcs pallet

Elvermann GmbH | Special Package Paschal Logo Alu

11 pcs 90x270cm 2 new plywood 2 pcs 75x270cm Multi new plywood 24 pcs 75x270 6 pcs  60x270cm 7 pcs 45x270cm 19 pcs 40x270cm 6 pcs 30x270cm 3 pcs 20x270cm 59 pcs 90x135cm 2 pcs 75x135cm 1 pcs 50x135cm...

Elvermann GmbH | Special Package Props

Price: € 22,271.20 504 pcs BD350 light FO 200 pcs AN 350 24 pcs pallet Doka galv. 4 pcs pallet VP3

Elvermann GmbH | Peri Multiprop MP350

100 pcs € 142.00 / pc

Used Formwork Export Import for sale Peri DOKA Framax in France

Used formwork   For sale used DOKA FRamax located in France with all accessories

Doka D2 Stair Tower

We currently have a package of Doka D2 stair Tower equipment available for sale. Material is in NW Germany.  

Doka Eurex 20 550 Floor Props

150 pcs. used Doka floor prop Eurex 20 550 in 3-star condition. This type is the old version of the Eurex prop and has no impact protector. The price per piece does not include the necessary Doka...

Ringer Quick Acting Clamp

2182 pieces Ringer quick acting clamps in 7 skeleton transport boxes. 300 pieces are in 1 box. Material has 2-star-quality and is ready to use. Transport boxes are not included in the price. Partial...