New Formwork

Aluminium Rasto Wall Formwork/ Skydeck Slab Formwork /Ringlock Scaffolding System

KEVA is a group company focus on the one-step solution of Formwork System,scaffolding & accessories. With EN1090 and ISO 9001 certificate,our goods are popular all over the world,especially...

Tie Rod Nuts

Ø70 mm, Ø90 mm, Ø100 mm Tie Rod Nuts  

Tie Rod

Ø15-17 mm 1 mt, 2 mt, 3mt, 4 mt, 5 mt, 6 mt. Contact us for more information.

Elvermann GmbH | PASCHAL Ceiling Formwork *as good as new*

2,110 qm

Ferro Met SpA push and pull props

Various personalisations that Ferro Met Spa making for our customers is one of the best samples how much we care about future colaboration and having most sattisfied partners in buisiness.

Green Formwork-Table Style Early Stripping Formwork System

The Table Style Early Stripping Formowrk shoring system® is a high octane, high performance engineered modular panel shoring system. The Formwork offers more erection, stripping and financial...

PERI Alpha D300 *new*

Doka Framax eco Wall Formwork *NEW*

1865 m² Doka Framax eco panels in different sizes and dimensions. The material is completely new. This Framax system has a multi-layer phenolic plywood in cathodically dip-coated frames. Partial...

PERI PEP Alpha D-350 NEW 20KN

4-Way Head H20 *NEW*

3600 pcs new, galvanized and ready to use 4-way heads H20. They are packed on pallets at 300 pieces each. The pallets are already included in the price. Partial quantity on request. Subject to prior...